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Creative Director/Designer/Artist/Solopreneur/Podcast Host/Magical MF Warrior of The Supernatural Bear


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Marisa Estrada, aka Ritzy Periwinkle, is a Los Angeles-based visual artist that is recognized for her unique portrayals of street life, dreams, and aspirations. Once only her moniker for art exhibits; Ritzy Periwinkle has now become the umbrella under which she provides creative direction, graphic design, illustration, strategic branding, and more to clients in various industries. Ritzy has always been a floater among her peers, and she continues to defy categories and boundaries—projecting a distinctive light, but never being limited to a single style or practice. A proud supporter of culture, justice, and diversity, she is dedicated to ensuring that her role as a strong, Latina, female creative pays respect to those that helped to pave the way. 


Paint Life follows the Army of Snipers artist collective as they travel to Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. While in Thailand, the artists work with Burmese refugee children on a series of art projects intended to help them imagine a life beyond the small town of Mae Sot, where many of the children currently live near a trash dump due to a lack of proper housing possibilities. Over the course of their trip, we follow how the artists are affected and how it changes their outlook on their lives.